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5000 Colours

For the crazy ones

Clemens Habicht's  5000 COLOURS is a CMYK colour gamut jigsaw puzzle of 5000 pieces. Each tile is an individual colour and the task is to place each colour exactly in relation to every other colour. 

"This one is for all those who wrote and said that 1000 COLOURS wasn't a challenge. Multiplying the number of pieces by a magnitude of five makes the difference in hue between neighbouring tiles barely perceptible."

Now in it's fourth edition, the new 5000 COLOURS is in a new format measuring 1530mm wide and 1010mm high and a ribbon die for added complexity. This edition is made in Germany with new a new linen textured finish with soft-click technology. 

Co-produced with Lamington Drive Editions, 1000 COLOURS follows on from solo exhibitions at Lamington Drive; 100 KITES and 100 FACES.

Special thanks for our model Woody

Assembled Dimensions : 153 x 101cm


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