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100 Colours

For people with smaller hands.

Clemens Habicht's  100 COLOURS is a CMYK jigsaw puzzle of 100 pieces, each tile is an individual colour and the task is to place each colour exactly in relation to every other colour.

Following on in spirit and scale from 1000 COLOURS, fewer pieces means larger tiles for smaller hands. With larger jumps between neighbouring colour values 100 COLOURS is less daunting but similarly challenging as its older brother and suitable for all ages from 3 up.

"Watching friends with families playing with 1000 COLOURS it surprised me that often the youngest children were better at intuitively knowing colour sequences and relationships than their parents, but to them the 1000 pieces felt as impossible as a 1000 page book, hence this gentler version."

Assembled Dimensions: 43.1 cm square. Special thanks to our actors Jean and Lenz.


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