With the first edition selling out in merely 72 Hours, the second edition of 1000 Colours is currently in production and available for pre-order.

Please visit our pre-order page here, or by clicking the button to the left.

We are using Celery to manage our pre-orders, and working furiously to find international distributors to help lower the shipping costs for our international customers and will pass on any savings either via a reduction in the final charge, or through a partial refund after order fulfilment.

Placing a pre-order is the only way to ensure you are among the first people to receive the next batch of puzzles which are expected to arrive by January 30.

When you place a pre-order, your credit card details will be securely stored with our payment partner Stripe, however your card will NOT be charged until your order is fulfilled.

Note! If you see a small charge (between zero and one dollar) on your card after checkout, this is simply an authorisation charge that will disappear in a few moments or few days. For full details, see this article.

Some banks offer fraud-alerts whenever your credit card is used in a country in which it is not normally used. Since we are in Australia, your purchase might trigger this for some customers in North America or elsewhere. If you get a notice of "Unusual Credit Card Activity" immediately after placing this order, FEAR NOT!  A quick call or log-in to your credit card site as directed in that email should take care of the matter right away. :)

For any questions, including media and wholesale enquiries, please contact us at info@lamingtondrive.com

Thank you again so much for your support!