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(also, exciting new puzzle news!)

Hi There! Thank you for your interest in our puzzles, we're truly blown away by the all the love!

We didn't want to let the cat out of the bag this early, but we thought you also might want to know that in addition to the 100, 1000, and 5000 piece puzzles, we have THREE new puzzle designs currently in production.

First cab off the rank is the Second Edition of our infamous 5000 Colours. The current 5000 Colours edition with the random die is officially now sold out and is being superseded by this new edition which will be a different size and a features a new ribbon dieline. Pre-orders are now open below which will ship in early May.

Following this, will be our fifth, and most ambitious colour puzzle to date. In development for nearly twelve months, this new puzzle will surely offer both a healthy challenge to seasoned and amateur puzzle fans alike, and will hopefully blow your mind, but all the other details are top secret for now!

Our puzzles are produced in purposefully small editions, so to be the first to know when these new models are released, be sure to sign up for our mailing list. We only send an email two to three times per year, always short and in plain text.

 Also, we are actively seeking new wholesale stockists, especially for art museums and galleries.
Email us for more details at puzzle@jackywinter.com

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Shown above is a photograph of the brand new second edition of 5000 Colours.  
Measuring 203cm wide and 81cm tall, this brand new update of first edition features a new 'widescreen' layout plus an entirely new ribbon-cut die for an additional challenge.  

Pre-order now for mid-march shipment - Limited quantities available.

Please note that photos and video below are of the currently sold out first edition of the puzzle. Updates coming soon.